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PrestaShop and eBay expand their partnership in Europe

PrestaShop and eBay have agreed to expand their partnership and business development activities in Europe. After already establishing a partnership in France, Italy, Spain and the UK, the two companies now will partner up in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Merchants using PrestaShop’s ecommerce software now can rapidly integrate their online store with the eBay marketplace. Continue reading

Zalando’s revenue grew to €1bn during first half of 2014

Zalando looks back on a successful first half of 2014, as revenues grew by 29,5% to 1 billion euros in the first six months. Revenues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland increased by 21,2% to almost 600 million euros during the same period. The online fashion retailer saw its EBIT margin improve thanks to major cost lines, including cost of sales, fulfillment and marketing. Continue reading

Online music store Bax-shop is expanding

The self-appointed ‘biggest online music store in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg’ is planning to spread throughout more countries in Europe. Earlier this year Bax-shop already launched online stores in France ( and Germany ( Sweden, Italy, UK and Spain are on the list for next year.
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DPD wants to double market share in Germany

DPD aims to double its share of the business-to-consumer shipping market in Germany by introducing new innovations. Customers now get a delivery time window of as little as 30 minutes. They are also able to see on a map where their parcel is at any particular stage, together with the number of stops the driver still has to make before the parcel reaches its destination. Continue reading

British retailer Boohoo expands to Germany

Boohoo has launched its website in Germany, making this the fourth European country where it has an online store. The German website follows the launch of Boohoo in Spain back in May and the launch of Boohoo in France nine months ago. The launch of Boohoo in Germany will be accompanied by a marketing campaign. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Germany increases quality of advice

German consumers increasingly rely on information they found online when they want to make a purchase in-store of via the Internet. As a matter of fact, 41% of all information that’s relevant to purchasing decisions now comes from digital media.  But the Internet does not only give relevant information, it also delivers better recommendations than the trusted dealer around the corner. Stationary retailers are warned! Continue reading

The top 10 online stores in Germany

Germany is one of the biggest ecommerce markets in Europe. Together with the United Kingdom and France, these three countries represent 6% of the total European B2C ecommerce sector. A lot of German online shoppers visit global ecommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, but its own retail company Otto is also very popular. Let’s have a look at the top 10 online stores in Germany. Continue reading

Zalando finally makes a profit in Q2

Zalando has revealed it made profits for the very first time in the second quarter of a year. It took them six years, but the Germany-based startup finally did it. Europe’s biggest online fashion retailer said revenues for Q2 were 19-28% higher than the same period last year. During the first half of the year it made revenues of more than 1 billion euros. Continue reading

Staples launches new online storefronts in Europe

Staples has drastically improved the ecommerce experience on their key websites in Europe, including Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. This got combined with a refreshed look and feel of the online storefronts. With the update, omni-channel shopping must be easier for Staples’ customers. Continue reading

Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil haunts online stores

Germany’s phenomenal 7-1 victory over Brazil during the semifinal of the World Cup 2014 of course made many Germans very happy. But we’re wondering if this also counts for some retailers, who initially thought they offered a fun promotion, promising customers a discount for every goal scored. Seven German goals made up for some pretty business-damaging discounts… Continue reading

German ecommerce industry to benefit from even faster deliveries

With 25 percent of European ecommerce turnover, Germany has one of the largest ecommerce industries in Europe. And the €40 billion market is set to hit 100 billion euros in 2020. This predicted growth of course can only happen if the country keeps investing on logistics. Luckily, that happens. Germany’s leading logistics companies invest 1 billion dollars in cutting delivery times. Continue reading